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Preparing the permanent exhibition in the information room, June 2005

[ Preparing the permanent exhibition in the information room, June 2005 ]

Through careful conservation in the Memmelsdorf synagogue, traces of the building, and as a result, of the community, have been preserved, from 1729 to the present day. The long and eventful history of rural Jewish life in Franconia can thus be presented and experienced by means of a concrete example. The diversity of the historical evidence means the subject matter is not just limited to the time of persecution, the destruction of synagogues and the liquidation of communities between 1933 and 1945. The long development of rural Jewish life is dealt with, as is the question of Jewish life in Germany today and the way historical buildings that can no longer be used for their true purpose are handled.

Seminar room, womenís gallery, April 2005

[ Seminar room, womenís gallery, April 2005 ]

In addition, modern, well-equipped seminar rooms (former womenís gallery and teacherís quarters) provide the opportunity to exchange views and deal with the subjects of Jewish religion, history and the present day. Since the end of September 2005, the information room in what used to be the teacherís quarters, designed together with 12th year pupils of the Friedrich-Rückert-Gymnasium in Ebern, can be included in the search for traces, tours und workshops for teachers.

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