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Searching for traces

This activity is aimed at pupils of all types of junior or middle school. Taking the Memmelsdorf synagogue as an example, traces of Jewish history and religion can be discovered on location and placed in perspective using the picture cards developed by 11th year pupils of the Friedrich-Rückert-Gymnasium (grammar school) in Ebern (example).

After an introduction, the synagogue is explored in small groups (of three or four pupils) with the help of different picture cards that are used to localise the individual traces. Key questions encourage reflection and stimulate the imagination. Answers to questions and the opportunity to verify speculations can be found in the information room. Afterwards, the pupils present their results. Personal thoughts on the images are as important here as correctly placing them. To conclude, the individual traces, their meaning and their background are deciphered in a joint discussion.

To allow useful work to be accomplished, the size of the groups is limited to around 30 pupils/young people. You should plan at least 1.5 hours for searching for traces. If undertaken as project work, going into some topics in depth, a longer stay would be preferable. The following areas can be discovered:

  • Traces of Jewish religion
  • Traces of renovation by the Jewish community
  • Traces of the development of the self-image of the Jewish community in the 19th century
  • Traces of destruction during the 1938 November pogrom
  • Traces of alternative use since 1945