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Nordheimer family

[ "Nordheimer house", exterior view, June 2005 ]

In the 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 school years, as part of the "denkmal aktiv" (active monument) project (, a group of pupils of the Friedrich-Rückert-Gymnasium in Ebern was working on the history of the Jewish Nordheimer family from Memmelsdorf. This family was one of the most important in Memmelsdorf and the endowers of many foundations.

A CD with the names and widespred family trees of the Nordheimer family, containing biographical data and pictures of some of the family members, was compiled by the pupils. It was presented on October 22 2006 at the opening of the special exhibition "Was bleibt... Eine Familiengeschichte im Karton", showing posessions of the Nordheimer family.

A PDF version (pdf 935 KB) is available for download.

[ "Nordheimer house", interior view June 2005 ]

[ "Persil box" with a tea service, part of the property of Benno Nordheimer (1859-1928) ]

The project serves as preparation for the installation of the educational trail and will be included in a special exhibition about the Nordheimer family, planned for autumn 2006.

Tri-national work camp

In cooperation with the Bavarian youth council, two tri-national work camps already took place during the construction and renovation phase in 1998 and 1999 with youths from Jerusalem, Stettin and Bavaria. Initial construction and the removal of subsequently installed walls in the side rooms, and the excavation of the foundations for the extension were carried out jointly. Further international encounters took place after the work camps during school exchange programmes.