Educational concept

Based on the concept of "conservation instead of reconstruction", a didactic concept was developed that the Träger- und Förderverein Synagoge Memmelsdorf (Ufr.) e.V. (Registered Association of Patrons and Friends of the Memmelsdorf (Lower Franconia) Synagogue) wish to use for enlivened learning for school groups and already has done during the start-up phase.

For visitors, especially for schoolchildren and young people, the prayer room serves as a room of discovery, in which they can go searching for traces and can train their perception of the details of a historical building. Traces of Jewish religion and culture can be found, as can changes in the self-image of the Jewish community at the beginning of the 20th century, the building history of the synagogue and the various alternative uses after the Second World War.

The discovery of individual wall elements, inscriptions or damage inevitably raises questions that demand answers. But these should not be given too quickly by the person accompanying the schoolchildren; they should discover the answers themselves in the information room opened in September 2005.

The development of the concept took place with the participation of pupils of the Friedrich-Rückert-Gymnasium (grammar school) in Ebern.