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Restoration concept

The concept for the renovation – "conservation instead of reconstruction" – was developed during a colloquium in 1999. Based on this, other than for structural damaged caused by the weather, the measures taken in the main room of the synagogue, were essentially conservational.

The historically complex room was to be preserved as an authentic location in which the visitor can experience its multilayered traces, from the time it was built, up to the alternative use of the room after 1945. History can thus be grasped as a process. Returning the room to any particular period of time would destroy the essential breadth of perception, and with it, the genuine impetus for remembering and remembrance. From the window grille with the von Greiffenclau crest to the extended Bima (reading desk) and the markings of the backs of the pews on the walls, from the specific features of the Torah shrine to the walled-up women’s gallery, this room tells the history of the Jewish community in Memmelsdorf and of how the building was used in the years following the Second World War. By preserving these signs for them to be unearthed in this “room of discovery”, the history of the Jews in Memmelsdorf comes alive.