The association must cover operating costs and acquisitions primarily with donations; we would be very pleased if you would support us by becoming a member.
Membership form (pdf 88 KB)

The charitable status of the Träger- und Förderverein Synagoge Memmelsdorf (Ufr.) e.V., as defined in sections 51 ff of the German Fiscal Code, has been certified by the Schweinfurt tax office.

The association is authorized to issue confirmations of charitable donations. Membership fees are considered to be charitable donations, as defined in section 10b of the German Income Tax Law and section 9 Nr. 3 of the German Corporation Tax Law. The general meeting on 18 July 2002 defined the following minimum contributions:

Natural persons 45 Euro
Married couples 60 Euro
Legal bodies 110 Euro

Bank details for membership fees and donations:

Account holder: Träger- und Förderverein Synagoge Memmelsdorf (Ufr.) e.V.
Raiffeisen-Volksbank Lichtenfels-Ebern
IBAN: DE02 7709 1800 0002 1035 32