Der Träger- und Förderverein Synagoge Memmelsdorf (Ufr.) e.V. (Registered Association Association of Patrons and Friends of the Memmelsdorf (Lower Franconia) Synagogue) was founded in 1993 and currently has around 120 members. In 1995, the association acquired the synagogue; a festive ceremony marking the completion of the renovation was held on 11 July 2004.

The association was founded as a result of a private initiative of teachers in schools and adult education, who from the outset wanted this project to be integrated in the partnership between the Hassberg dstrict and Kiryat Motzkin in Israel, and in the exchange programme with an Israeli school.

The association is accredited as a independent patron of youth work as defined in section 75 of the German Children and Youth Service Act. It is financed by membership fees and donations. The restoration of the synagogue was financed with public funds and donations.

The goal of the association is working with youths and pupils from all types of school. This could already be seen during the construction phase and the conception, and is laid down as follows in the articles of the association:

"Youth work is a particular concern of the association. Its work is centred on informing and enlightening young people about Jewish culture and religion, with the goal of inspiring historical and interpersonal understanding for other minorities in our society as well. To achieve this, it offers scope for remembering and dealing with our history. Young people should be encouraged to feel the responsibility and moral courage to stand up to interference with or violations of human dignity.

The association thus contributes to understanding and meeting between different cultures, to lively learning of tolerance and to breaking down prejudice. For this end, it seeks regional and national cooperation with schools and youth work organisations." (section 2,2)